April 2004

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Updated Architecture Document

I updated the site architecture document to reflect the changes I've made since I wrote the original. The big change is that everything is now running through Tomcat for layouts and page counting. The "pages" are now nothing more than a few c:set tags to create some content pieces that are assembled by [...]

JFission Update

I took a bunch of time and wrote some initial docs for JFission, and made a prerelease version available for download. Included in the new info I posted is a list of all the functions that make up the 0.1 release. The ones that are already implemented are marked as well, so you [...]


After some careful thought today while I was supposed to be working, I decided to rename JSPCF to JFission. It's a nicer name, I think, and has the right blend of subtle meaning to suit my intellect. I've finalized the set of functions that will be included in the 0.1 release, and started [...]

JUnit and Eclipse

Eclipse, for those of you who don't know, is an amazing platform for developing integrated tools, which comes with a Java IDE build on the platform. It's all Java, and it's the best IDE I've come across (though I can't say I've used MS Visual Studio).
JUnit is a very lightweight testing framework for doing [...]

JSPCF, the taglib

As I've been working on this site, I've started missing all the really handy stuff that CF provides. So I started work on a JSP taglib that provides some of those nice features. The JSTL which are build into the JSP 2.0 spec are a step in the right direction (after the nothing [...]

"Email Me" Page

I added an Email Me page for shooting me an email. My general preference has been for just an email link, but with the amount of spam I already get, I figure I'll take what precautions I can.