Backgrounder FTW

The iPhone has a number of problems, but the inability to background applications is one that just got fixed.  There's a new app on Cydia for backgrounding an arbitrary application, called surprisingly enough, Backgrounder.  It adds a couple behaviours to your home button for backgrounding, as well as supporting the ability configure apps to always [...]

Twitterfon, Typing Upside-Down, and IMPlus

After more use, I've uninstalled both Twitterific and Twinkle, and switched to Twitterfon. It's simple, fast, works well, and hasn't crashed yet. It touts a focus on the core, not extra features, but I'm not sure what is missing.
I also just found IMPlus, which is a multiprotocol IM client for iPhone. It [...]

Refresh on GMail for iPhone

After a couple weeks of reloading the whole GMail app to check for new messages, I found a better way. It always seemed silly to have to do it, but there isn't a refresh button like on the desktop interface. Like so many things with Google products, all it takes is stepping back [...]

iPhone Coding

Yesterday I did my first bit of "real" coding on my iPhone. It actually worked pretty well, I thought, though having to switch keyboards for punctuation is definitely a drag.
I've been using MobileTerminal as my terminal client and it's pretty slick. Not a replacement for a real computer, but definitely sufficient for a [...]

iPhone and Wi-Fi

The wi-fi on the iPhone is totally kick ass. I was really impressed. At home I had to manually type in my long hex WEP key, but at work (where it's a pain) the phone detected an "enterprise wi-fi" network, prompted me for my Active Directory credentials and that was it. Note [...]

From My iPhone

From My iPhone

I finally got my iPhone 3G today, and am trying out the WordPress app. Typing kind of sucks, but I'll live. I've also attached a photo of my desk at the office, just to see how that works.