March 2009

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I'll be at cf.objective()

In addition to speaking at CFUNITED later this summer, I just registered for cf.objective() this afternoon as an attendee.  This will be the first time I've gone to that conference, but I've heard very good things about it.  CFUNITED has grown into a bit of a behemoth, and while that carries a number of advantages, [...]

xkcd Stuff

I just ordered some goodies from xkcd which should arive in a week or two: a couple t-shirts and a signed print of the Discovery Channel comic.  Unfortunately the store doesn't accept code (my favorite way to pay for zero-cost items), but I'll happily shell out a few bucks for all the entertainment if that's [...]

Mathematic Constraint Deduction

I did  Project Euler's problem 63 last night, and it was a good one:
The 5-digit number, 16807 = 7^5, is also a fifth power. Similarly, the 9-digit number, 134217728 = 8^9, is a ninth power.
How many n-digit positive integers exist which are also an nth power?
I love this sort of problem.  The algorithm for a [...]

Using Java Regular Expressions In CFML

While doing some regex stuff today I discovered that both ColdFusion and Railo use an external regular expression engine for the REReplace function instead of the one built into the core JRE (the java.util.regex.* classes).  I don't think I've ever had a reason to care until now, but today I was stuck.  Fortunately, since CFML [...]

CFGroovy is Self Executing

Tonight I finished porting the internals of CFGroovy from CFML to Groovy.  Yes, the CFGroovy core is now implemented in Groovy.  The remaining CFML code is for managing the public API (which is a CFML API and therefore must remain CFML),and for bootstrapping the Groovy core.
This architecture provides a number of benefits, primarily a huge [...]

Why You Should Care About Groovy

If you know anything about me, you probably know that I'm a big fan of Groovy.  But why?  I've never really addressed that question head on, I don't think, so I'm going to do that here (prompted by a comment from David McGuigan on my CFGroovy 1.0 post).
First, Groovy is a dynamic language for the [...]

New CFGoovy Demo App

This afternoon I threw together a little blog demo app for CFGroovy.  It's really simple, but it illustrates some more advanced usage.  In particular:

The app uses ColdSpring to wire everything together and obtain transaction management with AOP, instead of having to code your transactions manually.
Entity relationships (as well as composition) with both direct and transient [...]

Running CFGroovy on in a Hibernate-Aware Environment

In my last post I mentioned the issue with using CFGroovy's Hibernate when Hibernate is already loaded by the app server, such as the case with JBoss 4.2+ and a certain unreleased CFML runtime (cough … Centaur … cough).  The gist of it is that Hibernate appears to create some static references to itself that [...]

CFGroovy 1.x Features

It was a big weekend for CFGroovy.  In addition to the 1.0 release, I started doing some work for the 1.x series (which is available in the trunk).  There are several significant changes to  the engine:

Groovy has been upgraded to 1.6.0 from the previous 1.5.6 version.
You can specify a custom Groovy JAR for your CFGroovy.cfc [...]

CFGroovy 1.0!

After a lengthy burn in period, I've officially released CFGroovy 1.0.  It is identical to CFGroovy 1.0RC3, so if you're running that version there is no need to upgrade.  You can get the 1.0 engine binaries, 1.0 demo binaries (including the engine), view the 1.0 tag in Subversion (engine or demo), or visit the project [...]