January 2010

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WordPress 3.0

I just pulled down the latest and greatest from WordPress's SVN repository to give the new 3.0 code a whirl.  Specifically, I wanted to see what was happening around the WP.org and WPMU merge that is one of the big features of 3.0, since I run a bunch of WP.org blogs that I'd love to [...]

Sudoku GameRulesStrategy

A couple days ago I posted about implementing a Sudoku solver in Groovy as a sort of cross-training exercise, and promised to delve into the strategies a bit more.  So here's GameRulesStrategy:
class GameRulesStrategy implements Strategy {

static getTests() {
new Test(

Subclipse 1.6's AWESOME New Commit Dialog

I just upgrade to Subclipse 1.6 and it has an awesome new feature: diffs right in the commit dialog.  It seemed a common use case for myself that when it came time to commit, I'd open my commit dialog and cycle through the files writing my commit message in Kate because I couldn't type while [...]

Sudoku is Groovy

Last week I spent a bunch of time implementing Sudoku solving strategies in Groovy.  Actually a pretty interesting exercise, I thought.  Even the simple solving techniques/strategies require a bit of thought to generalize into code.  This might seems like a pointless exercise, but think of it a cross training.  Football players can't hope to compete [...]

Amazon CloudFront CFC

Amazon CloudFront is a CDN that sits atop their S3 file hosting service to provide caching and geographically dispersed delivery.  It's all very simple, except security.  Much like my Amazon S3 CFC's original goal, my new Amazon CloudFront CFC's primary purpose is to ease the creation of signed URLs for CloudFront.  You can grab a [...]

I Am No Longer Married

I learned today, via a letter from the court, that I am no longer married (and haven't been since the 12th). Seven years, five months, and nine days.

Improving the JSON/P Twitter Widget

For quite some time now I've had a sidebar widget that displays an excerpt of my Twitter feed on my blog.  It uses the standard Twitter JSON/P interface for loading the tweets and then a Twitter-provided script (http://twitter.com/javascripts/blogger.js) for rendering them on the page.  Unfortunately the default installation instructions would have you set up something [...]

Implicit Blocks in Fusebox 5.5.1

The XML syntax used by Fusebox since the 4.0 version allows for conditional expressions like these:

In the latter case, the
tags are basically irrelevant, because they provide the same containership and semantic as the tag itself.  Fusebox 5.0 and older allowed you to omit the
tags in this [...]