My New Toy (and a Bug Fix)

As if I were lacking on the toy front, last night I picked up a Garmin Edge 305 bicycle computer. I'd been looking for a GPS data logger for a while, and this one is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. In addition to the time/lat/long/elevation track points, it also has a [...]

Bicycle Dashboard Again

Another relatively minor change: the charts now use a DateTimeAxis instead of a category axis.  This way temporal spacing is preserved, rather than just ordering, and the axis isn't as cluttered, because it can drop labels without affecting the display semantics.

My New New Bike

This weekend I picked up my new new bike, a Fuji Cross Comp.  The other bike just wasn't stiff enough.  To be fair, it was a huge frame and designed for comfort not rigidity.  This one, however, is like a friggin' rock.  I can't bend it at all, no matter how hard I crank on [...]

More Bicycle Dashboard Updates

I just pushed a couple usability tweaks to the bicycle dashboard app.  First, the profile you're viewing is now persisted in a cookie, as well as session, when you return to the app, you'll still be viewing the same thing, even if your session expired.  Before you'd always revert back to me, and while I'm [...]

More Bicycle Dashboard Updates

I just pushed some new updates to the bicycle dashboard, including multiuser support and the ability to store a map URL for routes.  Currently the multiuser support is limited to just having an account, and if it's public, for other people to view your ride information.  I'm planning to add groups of some sort to [...]

Bicycle Dashboard Update

I made some mods to my bicycle reporting dashboard last night and just pushed them live.  Highlights include being able to break down the charts by bike, route, or day of week, legends to support showing multiple series, control over the chart baseline (zero or autodetect), and formatting of the "elapsed time" axis labels.
Now that [...]

Fun with Flash on Linux

So I got home this evening and wanted to record my commute with my new logger app, and guess what, it crashes Firefox. Roughly one-in-four loads of the app are successful, other attempts cause a segfault as the player tries to load the SWF. It seems to work better in SeaMonkey, but still [...]

Bicycle Goodies (i.e. Info Porn)

While on my seemingly endless airplane rides, I finished up a first draft of my bicycle reporting app, and made it available at the seemingly random address of  ; )  Yes, it's Flex, and yes, I chose that platform of my own volition.  It's still a little rough around the edges, but it's all [...]

My New Bike

Got my new bike yesterday and rode it to work this morning.  Whee!  Definitely needs some tuning (seat height, handlebar placement, dérailleur tension, etc.), but it's quite nice.  Integrated shifting alone is huge.  I'll get a pic some time and post it, but for now, it's all for me.  ;)

Riding My Bike

No, not my motorcycle, an actual bicycle. With the move last month, I'm now just shy of 10 miles from the office, which is a far more reasonable bicycle commute than the 20+ I was before. Not to say that 20 miles is an incredibly long ride, but more than I'd want to [...]