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iPhone and Wi-Fi

The wi-fi on the iPhone is totally kick ass. I was really impressed. At home I had to manually type in my long hex WEP key, but at work (where it's a pain) the phone detected an "enterprise wi-fi" network, prompted me for my Active Directory credentials and that was it. Note [...]

From My iPhone

From My iPhone

I finally got my iPhone 3G today, and am trying out the WordPress app. Typing kind of sucks, but I'll live. I've also attached a photo of my desk at the office, just to see how that works.

Weka Mining Update: It Works!

Weka Mining Update: It Works!

Back in April, I posted about how I was using Weka to do some asset prioritization.  The gist of it was that users would rank assets on a 1-5 scale, and then then the system would recommend other assets that it thought they'd like.  This is the Netflix problem, if you're familiar with that, though [...]

MX Unit is Slick

After seeing that MX Unit on Railo had some issues, I switched over to ColdFusion and I'm impressed.  Marc, Bill, et al have done a really great job.  They've resolved a number of issues that I had with CFCUnit, and really embraced the "Integrated" in "Integrated Development Environment."
I know I'm late to the party, but [...]

No MXUnit For Railo

I just pulled down the 1.0 release of MX Unit, and was most disappointed to see that it only works on ColdFusion:
no definition for the class … [coldfusion.cfc.CFCProxy] could be found
Since I do most of my CFML development on Railo now, it kind of leaves me stuck.  Fortunately, CFCUnit works flawlessly, but with it's definitely [...]

ColdFusion Struct Literals Fail Again

ColdFusion introduced CFML struct and array literals in CF 8.  They sucked.  Assignment only, no nesting, and the use of '=' for key-name pairs instead of ':', like every other language including other parts of CFML.  CF 8.0.1 fixed the nesting issue, but not the others.  I've been trying to figure out why it's an [...]

CF Groovy 1.0RC (With Hibernate!)

I've just released 1.0RC of CF Groovy, including Hibernate support.  You can download it, or view the demo app.  The download includes both the demo and the runtime engine.
The big new feature is Hibernate support, of course.  Here are a couple snippets from the demo app.  First, the entity class:
package com.barneyb

import javax.persistence.*

class User extends AbstractEntity [...]

Thread.setContextClassLoader Doesn't Work on CF 8.0.0

I know the number of CF 8.0.0 installs is probably pretty minimal compared to CF 8.0.1, but thought this was worth pointing out.  If you use Thread.setContextClassLoader on CF 8.0.0, it raises no exception, but it doesn't actually set the ClassLoader for the thread.
I ran into this today using my CF Groovy/Hibernate integration on one [...]

Junction, from Sysinternals

I discovered Junction today, while looking for a way to easily test my Groovy/Hibernate integration on all three major CFML runtimes.  It's part of Sysinternals, which is a suite of tools aimed at making Windows not suck so much.  It's got all the low-level utilities you need to efficiently manage and monitor your Windows machines [...]

Watch Out for CFQUERYPARAM and Garbage Collection

In the past few months I've spent a fair amount of time doing large data transformations for a couple projects, in to and out of MSSQL databases. In both projects, I've ended up refactoring my code to eliminate CFQUERYPARAM on oft-run queries, because it seems to leak memory (yes, I have debugging disabled), as [...]