CFSCRIPT-based Query of Queries Gotcha

I'm hardly the first to blog about this (see here or here), but you're using the new-in-CF9 Query object to execute a query of queries (QofQ), you'll run into scope issues.  Specifically, the CFQUERY tag executes in the context it is written, but the Query object is a CFC and so follows all the normal [...]

Need A Job?

I have a need.  A pressing need.  I need new coworkers.  Three of them.
Boring stuff first.  Mentor Graphics Corp is the EDA industry leader and makes all kinds of crazy design and simulation software for electrical engineers, and now embedded developers.  If you have a cell phone or a computer, it's almost guaranteed that you're [...]

cf.objective Presentation Links

If you're looking for slides and/or code from any cf.objective presentations, they're mostly published on the cf.objective site.  Visit the schedule page, click on a session title, and there should be a download link beneath the session description.  There are still a few missing, but most are there, and the rest should be up in [...]

cf.objective Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'll be in Minneapolis for the 2011 iteration of cf.objective.  If you've looked at the schedule, you'll know I'm speaking twice: one about progressive enhancement first thing Thursday morning after the keynote, and again Friday right after lunch about migrating your apps to the cloud.  You'll also know that there are a hell of [...]

ColdFusion null Gotcha

As you probably know, CFML doesn't have any concept of nulls within it's own type system. It has some facilities for dealing with nulls due to interfaces with other type systems (e.g., from Java or JavaScript).  At least on ColdFusion, it's not perfect.  Consider this code:
s = {
'javaCast' = javaCast('null', 0),
'json' [...]

Groovy DataSources for Railo

If you've ever wanted to do raw JDBC stuff in your ColdFusion applications, you probably know that you can get a javax.sql.DataSource via this code:
createObject("java", "coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory")
Unfortunately, this doesn't work on Railo, because the result isn't actually a javax.sql.DataSource, it just looks like one (see RAILO-43).  To put that another way, it's duck typed.
Fortunately, [...]

CFGroovy at the Tulsa CFUG on May 25th

Next Tuesday (May 25th), I will be presenting CFGroovy to the Tulsa CFUG via Connect.  Details are at, but the important bit is that it's at 12:30 central time, not in the evening.  Steve Bryant – who manages the group – graciously extended a general invitation to anyone else who would like to join [...]

Should It Just Work?

Last Wednesday evening Sean Corfield and I were chatting over beers and he caught me by surprise with a statement he made.  We were talking about the ORM functionality in CF9, and he liked how it just worked.  You invoke a setter, and it gets to the database with nothing else.  I agree in theory, [...]

Domain Model Integrity

Unlike my last several posts, this one isn't ORM related.  At least not directly.  If you're using ORM, you necessarily care about your domain model's integrity, as it's a prerequisite for ORM doing it's job, but it has nothing to do with ORM specifically.  The point of a domain model is to be a representation [...]

Want Multiple Persistence Contexts in CF9 ORM?

I do.  Because god knows front controllers and persistence layers don't have a one-to-one correspondence.  Turns out that through the magic of application switching you can do it, as long as you're careful with your sessions.  Not going to go into details right now, but this code works (and does what you'd expect):
<cfapplication name="ormtest1″ />
<cfset [...]