January 2005

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Me and My Feisty Mac

I swear, my Powerbook is the feistiest computer ever.  I just
installed the 2005-001 security update, rebooted, and Finder refuses to
run.  It just loads and crashes at about 2 second intervals,
indefinitely.  Most of my other apps work (FireFox, Dreamweaver,
etc.), but some don't (iTerm, Adium), so I don't know what's up.
Last time it got massively pissy like [...]

Fun with Computers

First some background: our primary office file server has been acting
up periodically for a while now, and recently has become much more
insistant.  All things considered, it'd done it's job remarkably
well, and without anything even approximating sufficient
hardware.  So after this morning's crash, we moved on getting a
new box to replace it.  The load is light (we [...]

ISITE Design

ISITE Design
is a big-money web dev firm in Portland, OR.  They recently
expanded to Boston, MA as well, judging by their web site. 
However, what's interesting to me is that for a while they had a
reasonably nice all-Flash site.  Definitely one of the better
Flash sites I'd run across.  That's now gone in favor of an
XHTML-based one.  They [...]

Whitespace Suppression

Christian Cantrell posted a blog entry about expanding CFML whitespace suppression by leveraging CFMX's J2EE underpinnings. There seems to be a fair amount of happiness that this solution was made known (especially such a simple one). Two things I see here:

people need to stop thinking about CFMX and a CF server and start [...]

Beans, Transfer Objects, and Other Mumbo Jumbo

There was a series of interesting threads on CFCDev today about
different types of objects, and how they play together to form a
complete OO system.  Couple that with a pretty active week in the
CF blogosphere regarding objects, and I think it's pretty safe to say
that CF development is growing up.  Definitely no longer just the
quick-fix dev [...]

I'm Back

After a gloriously long holiday break (nearly two full weeks), I'm
finally back to real life.  I won't say that I've missed it, but
it is kind of nice to be back into a routine.  And now, the
obligatory quick recap.
Aside from a botched trip to Victoria, BC (things are closed on New
Years Day, imagine that ;), the [...]