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Lego Ad

Minor Shortcodes Update

Last winter I released a CFML port of the WordPress Shortcodes functionality.  It's proven both very useful and very flexible in the real world, exactly as I'd hoped it would.  I tried to make a very direct port of the PHP, but after using it on a number of projects, I found myself reimplementing the [...]

OSX-Ordered Buttons

If you've used both Windows and OSX, you've probably noticed that the standard button ordering is different.  For a simple confirm dialog, Windows typically renders the buttons centered at the bottom of the dialog, with the 'OK' button to the left of the 'Cancel' button.  On OSX, the buttons are rendered to the right at [...]

Identity, State, Time, and Software

A few weeks ago Sean Corfield posted another entry on the "is OOP good?" debate, and while the post was specifically about a comment he received on a previous entry, he linked to a very interesting recording of a presentation from the JVM Languages Summit by Rich Hickey: Are We There Yet? – a talk [...]