October 2005

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cfusion_encrypt/cfusion_decrypt UDFs

I was using cfusion_encrypt and cfusion_decrypt today, and decided that even though they don't appear to be going anywhere, they might at some point, and dealing with it shouldn't be a big deal. I'm also pretty sure that BD doesn't have the functions. So I thought why not write my own?
<cffunction name="fusion_encrypt" output="false" returntype="string">
  <cfargument name="string" [...]

I'm Back!

Much thanks to Bob Clingan, who pointed out a seemingly unrelated
setting in GMail, my email woes seem to have vanished.  The
culprit was choosing UTF-8 as my outgoing mail encoding, rather than
'default' (which is ISO-8859-1 for me).  Of course, the charset
has nothing to do with the problem, but Google decided UTF-8 messages
should be sent base-64 encoded, [...]

HoF Hates Base-64

After some careful observation this morning, it appears that email I
sent do HoF mailing lists is being killed outright.  So basically
I'm cut off form the CF world until I either decide to change my email
address, GMail gets off their ass an switches Base-64 encoding back
off, or everyone fixes their mailing software.
I haven't decided the best [...]

More Blank Message Info

After another day of fighting the blank message demons, I've assembled some more information.  On October 1st, Gmail
started using the Base-64 transfer encoding on messages I sent.  I
sent two messages to CFCDev on the 6th, and then it wasn't until the 13th
(when the problem first came to my attention) that I sent any other
messages to [...]

'Blank Barney Messages'

Over the past couple days, there have been numerous complaints about
my messages showing up blank in various people's inboxes, and I'm
trying to nail down why.  Here's what I suspect has happened:
started (at some unknown point) sending messages with a base-64 content
transfer encoding.  Mailing list software often appends a footer to
the bottom of the message, and [...]

ColdFusion and Batik

I've been using SVG for custom charting stuff for several years now,and it's really nice. Only problem is that it requires an SVG plugin, and it's not very common. No big deal for admin sites, but for more public usage, that's pretty much a concept killer.
Enter Batik.
Batik is a Java SVG implementation by [...]