April 2007

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Adobe's *@(#*&$ Browser Requirements

This chaps my @$$ every time I have to set up a new server.  Adobe's site simply blocks if you don't have a JS enabled browser.  I never install a GUI on my servers (why should I?), and every time I need to install CF, I'm stuck downloading it to my local machine, and then [...]

Where have I been?

I've been posting very little this year, and figured I'd take a bit of down time this rainy Saturday for a "personal update" kind of post. Big things first:
As many people know, I started a new job at Mentor Graphics at the beginning of the year. A rather big change moving from a [...]

Telling it like it is

I was writing some Java today, and ran across the DraconianErrorHandler in the depths of Xerces (package com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.util).  It's a very apt name (it simply throws any errors it's passed), but the name struck me as something outside the bounds of the expected.  I'd have undoubtedly named it ErrorPropogationErrorHandler or something that described what it [...]

Dynamic Languages

Forta posted on CF being omitted from InfoWorld's article on dynamic languages. My question is "why should CF be on the list?" Let's compare CF against some others (I'm going to somewhat arbitrarily pick Python, Ruby, and Groovy as the main ones).
CF excels at JEE web presentation tier development. Python and Ruby [...]

Taco Wagon Map

I love taco wagons, but I can never find them.  So I made a taco wagon map on Google Maps' new My Maps feature.  There's no collaboration features built into it yet, unfortunately, but if you know of other wagons, let me know and I'll add them.

Interesting Directions

I accidentally fat fingered an address in Google Maps and got this set of directions.  Pay particular attention to segment 16.

Chris Phillips is Blogging

Chris Phillips (another Portland CFer) is finally blogging, which is good, because we need more tall skinny guys in the blogosphere.