June 2009

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CFML Request Parameters

If you've worked with ColdFusion (or CFML) for very long, you've probably noticed that CFML's treatment of request parameters is a little unorthodoxed.  Specifically, it doesn't differentiate between multiple instance of the same parameter being passed.  Consider this url:
As you can see, there are three instances of the 'a' parameter, one of which has a [...]

ColdFusion Struct Literals Are Not Thread Safe (CFML Ones Are)

If you read my blog regularly or follow me on Twitter, you know how much I hate Adobe's quasi-implementation of struct (and array) literals.  I'm really hoping "third time's a charm" and CF9's implementation is sane.  The gripe is that this code:
<cfset s = {
name = "barney",
age = 29
} />
is executed [...]

Riddle Me This, CFLOOP

Take this simple loop:


What is the output?  My answer is the numbers 1-3 followed by 7-10.  But I was dismayed to learn this evening that it doesn't seem to be the case on my server.  There it outputs 1-10 with no breaks.  Can someone please [...]

An Ink Free Year

Yesterday I turned 29.  One year older on the clock, and about 20 years older in effect.  I'd planned on getting a leaf tattooed on my right calf as a birthday present, but like so much else, it didn't work out.  Since I turned 18, I've gone and had birthday tattoos more than half the [...]

jQuery TableSorter Comma Parser

Last night I needed a simple HTML table with sortable columns, and after a quick Googling, found the TableSorter jQuery plugin.  I'd come across it before, but never actually used it.  Added a class to my table (for targeting and to leverage the CSS that it comes with), added the required line of JavaScript to [...]

First Person Documentation

I'm not sure when I started, but I've documented things in the first person for quite a while.  Fusedocs promoted this format, and was probably a significant influence, though I recall doing it back in college as well.  It's clearly not new or uncommon, but I just had a gentleman email me about it (based [...]