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Groovy Gravity Processing

Groovy Gravity Processing

Joshua (a coworker) and I have been talking about gravity simulation for a while, and this week I threw together a very simple model to do exactly that.  This grew out of a game called Flotilla that he came across somewhere and has been working with the developer to add a network multiplayer mode.  Flotilla, [...]

Tulsa CFUG Presentation (CFGroovy)

Yesterday I presented CFGroovy to the Tulsa CFUG via Connect.  The recording is now available on Connect, thanks to Steve.  You can also grab the slidedeck (as a PDF) I skimmed through, and of course, the CFGroovy framework itself (project page, core SVN, demo SVN), including the demo files that I showed.  Note that the [...]

Groovy DataSources for Railo

If you've ever wanted to do raw JDBC stuff in your ColdFusion applications, you probably know that you can get a javax.sql.DataSource via this code:
createObject("java", "coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory")
Unfortunately, this doesn't work on Railo, because the result isn't actually a javax.sql.DataSource, it just looks like one (see RAILO-43).  To put that another way, it's duck typed.
Fortunately, [...]

CFGroovy at the Tulsa CFUG on May 25th

Next Tuesday (May 25th), I will be presenting CFGroovy to the Tulsa CFUG via Connect.  Details are at, but the important bit is that it's at 12:30 central time, not in the evening.  Steve Bryant – who manages the group – graciously extended a general invitation to anyone else who would like to join [...]

Do You Know These Shoes?

Do You Know These Shoes?

If you can identify this pair of shoes, I'll buy you a drink of your choice next time we meet.  If you're wearing a pair of them, I'll buy you two.


This morning, in response to my Processing and Galcon post, I received this email:
Stumbled across your article about using processing :)  Sounds neat!
Anyway, I don't like having to make these requests – but because of how
trademark stuff works I have to request that you change the name of your
project to something that doesn't contain the [...]

Processing and Galcon

Processing and Galcon

I did a little experiment last night using Processing, which is a Java-based visual programming environment that I've repeatedly run into in various different contexts, but had never really done anything with.  I've become completely addicted to Galcon Lite on my iPhone, and figured it was a "sample" to build with Processing.  Note that I [...]

Embrace Your [HS]QL

I'd like to start with a confession.  I love SQL (and it's Hibernate counterpart HQL).  Its simplicity and elegance is remarkable.  Its expressive power is stunning.  It is almost universally disliked by developers.  Why is that?
The answer, at least to me, is pretty straightforward.  Developers spend a lot of their time programming, so that's where [...]