December 2004

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ColdFusion for Christmas?

I got an interesting email from Tim Buntel (Macromedia's Senior Product Manager for ColdFusion) yesterday.
"We would like to hear more about your BlueDragon experience. If
you could write up a document detailing your experience, frustrations,
and the like, we could help you out with your request for a shiny new
license of ColdFusion MX 7 Standard."
So I [...]


With cross-platform inline HTML editors all the rage these days, I
though it appropriate to share my experiences with a couple of them
this evening.  I use soEditor and HTMLArea
extensively in my professional work, and like them both.  Neither
is perfect by any measure, but they get the job done, though soEditor's
IE-only stance is becoming more and more [...]

BlueDragon: Still Breathing Fire

BlueDragon continues to give me fits. CFEXECUTE (which I'm not sure – there is conflicting evidence – is supported on the Server edition) refuses to work correctly. No big deal, since launching a Process direct from the Runtime class is straightforward (I didn't need the IO streams, in this case). However, the [...]

iTerm Rules

I long ago discovered iTerm, a slick little Terminal replacement for OSX. Among other things, it lets you have tabbed windows, just like any decent browser, which is handy for managing the swarm of SSH and MySQL sessions I usually have open. What I just noticed today was that you can tear a [...]

Architecting FB4.1

Architecting with Fusebox 4.1 is a very wide arena. There are lots of ways to do it, but I think I found one that is particularly well suited to the framework, especially when combined with CFCs for a backend. My presentation at the 2004 Fusebox Conference hinted at much of the principles, but [...]


So it wasn't quite perfect. Realized that I'd botched the new entry config slightly in that comments weren't enabled by default. But that's fixed now, so anyone who happened by in the middle of the night and wondered why the previous post couldn't be commented on, that's the reason. It's fixed now though.

BlueDragon Live!

Well, I'm happy to say that I just deployed my first BlueDragon app to production this evening. It's not much (couple hundred KB), but it's up and running on BD 6.2 Beta. I discovered a whole slew of bugs as I put it together (it was a ~5 day sprint of late nights), but nothing [...]


I got to thinking last night that I didn't have the categories of the blog broken down very well. The "ColdFusion" category in particular was quite broad. So I broke it down into three categories, and reassigned the existing entries as needed:

BlueDragon: entries about New Atlanta's BlueDragon CFML runtime
CFML: entries about the CFML [...]

Will It Never End?

So, BD 6.1 Beta solved most of my problems with CFCs. I'm on cloud nine, and I'm finally getting some work done. It's not perfect, but none of the other bugs were really more than inconveniences (for instance, it gets grumpy when you mix full CFC paths with pathless references to CFCs in [...]

Version Control Rules

I was a non-believer in version control for a while. Then about two and a half years ago I took over a decent sized project (around 70,000 LOC) and knew I'd be in trouble without something to help me keep track of it all. So I started using CVS.
Nothing but good things to say. [...]