Moving Pic of the Day Foiled Again

A while back I made an attempt to move Pic of the Day (NSFW) off of ColdFusion 8 and onto Railo 3.  I can't afford a license of CF9, so my only upgrade path is through a free alternative.  Unless someone has an extra four grand they want to give me….

Last time I was foiled by CFHTTP adding a spurious Content-Type header on GET requests, which breaks secure downloads from S3 (which is where I host all the content).  I reported the bug and it got fixed, but I hadn't had time to revisit the migration process so there it sat.  Until this evening, that is.

I'm glad to say that the issue with GET requests has been completely resolved.  The bleeding edge is also a lot smoother than last time I pulled down a new version, so props to those guys.  Setting up a migration test environment actually proved pretty straightforward, even with all the crazy Apache and OS integration PotD leverages.

As expected, there were errors on the first page load, but nothing some trickery with mappings and rewriting a couple query of queries couldn't fix.  After that, everything just worked.  Thumbnail generation, S3 access, emailing, everything.  Except that it wasn't everything.  Turns out that exactly the same problem I had with GET requests before has no manifested itself with DELETE requests.  So I'm again stuck.

The way PotD is implemented, images are spidered and pushed immediately onto S3.  Then they go through the filter pipeline, and many (most?) of them are deleted.  So being able to remove stuff from S3 is a pretty core feature, otherwise I'd have piles and piles of orphaned files up there, and that just costs me money for no reason.  Sadly, this makes Railo a no-go again, and leaves me with CF8 for a while longer.

I've actually got a lot of stuff in the works surrounding my personal sites and projects, but the CF to Railo conversion is one of the larger ones as well as the one with the largest potential impact on server resources (which I'm continually constrained by).  The move from JRun to Tomcat was a huge help, but I could definitely use more and Railo gives all apperances of being able to give it to me.  Also have some major WordPress infrastructure changes, a whole rebranding of this (my blog), and a few other corollary improvements.

The overarching goal is to simplify my URL space so I don't have as much interleaving between separate applications.'s URL space, for example, houses 3 different blogs, two static sites, and a pile of little CFML apps. houses SVN, Trac, PotD, and several other CFML apps.  It's a mess, but that'll be a lot better, regardless of what happens with the CFML engine stuff.

3 responses to “Moving Pic of the Day Foiled Again”

  1. Todd Rafferty

    Are you using the Railo S3 extension or is this another tag / issue giving you problems?

  2. Todd Rafferty

    Roger, you have it posted in JIRA so I'm sure Micha will get this resolved ASAP.