May 2009

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Shoot the Engineers

About a week ago, Marc Funaro wrote an interesting blog post about CFML and OO.  The prevailing opinion (via Twitter, blogs, etc) is that Marc is incorrect/inaccurate/inexperienced/whatever, and I disagree completely.  He hit the nail on the head.
HTTP is a stateless, request-response environment.  Nearly all web applications interface with a SQL database, which is also [...]

My First cf.objective()

I know I'm late to the "cf.objective() recap" party, but I've been both crazy busy and rather tired, so I haven't got to it until now.
First, I'd never been to Minneapolis before, and from the little I saw, it's a pretty nice place.  Obviously I missed the "buried under snow" part, and that definitely puts [...]

FB3lite as a Custom Tag

Last night at work Koen uncovered an issue with using FB3lite as a custom tag.  Inside the tag it does "formUrl2Attributes" to merge the two scopes into the attributes scope.  What I'd done incorrectly was omit the "don't override" parameter to the structAppend calls, so the URL and FORM scopes would supercede any existing attributes [...]

Effective Photo Manipulation

Image manipulation is a common tasks for web applications, usually centered around creating and managing thumbnails (of photos, PDFs, videos, whatever).  Photo manipulation is a subset of image manipulation, and has a couple aspects that differentiate it other types.
First and foremost, photo quality is of high importance.  Contrast this with creating a thumbnail of a [...]

Efficient Caching With mod_rewrite

Caching with mod_rewrite?  What?  I'll admit it's a slightly misleading title; the cache is actually a disk cache, but mod_rewrite is where the magic happens.  Bear with me for a moment…
Most content on the web is fairly static.  Some of it changes every few minutes, some changes every few hours, some changes a few times [...]

Minor FB3lite Update (and a Weird CF Bug)

This evening while adding some reporting to PotD (NSFW, OMM) to help nail down some performance issues that I think are Apache's fault, I noticed a strange issue with FB3lite.  If you've used it, you know the core of the "framework" are the do() and include() UDFs.  Both contain a CFINCLUDE tag, and a weird [...]

CFGroovy And Script Output

One final CFGroovy update for cf.objective() 2009, and then heading to a plane.
In the first version of CFGroovy output generated by your script was discarded.  This fit the original concept behind scriptlets well, but it made debugging kind of a pain, because you had to exit the script in order to dump out any state.  [...]

PotD For The World

Last night was sort of the release of Pic of the Day (not safe for work, or my mom) into the wild.  The project is a couple months shy of five years old, and while I've talked about it obliquely all over the place, I've never really publicized it directly.  I'd made the assumption that [...]

CFYourFavoriteLanguage (Formerly CFGroovy)

CFGroovy grew some wings this afternoon.  It retains it's core functionality of running Groovy code in a CFML environment, whether you have it installed on your classpath or if it's transparently loaded from the local copy of the JAR.  However, it now supports any JSR 223 scripting language as well (assuming you're on a 1.6 [...]

More CFGroovy2 Goodness

Last night at dinner I was talking with Mark Mandel and Luis Majano and realized I'd completely misunderstood the way JavaLoader worked based on my initial look see.  So for the price of 21 additional lines (nine of which are purely for misbehaving CFML runtimes), CFGroovy will transparently load an internal copy of Groovy if [...]