Fink for Tiger

Last night I finally got Fink
installed on my newly Tiger-ed PowerBook.  Opted for the binary
install this time, and it worked like a charm.  Less than 40
minutes to go from noticing that a 10.4-specific release had been made
to having it all set up with X, Gnucash, the GImP, and the GNU
FileUtils package (for the color-aware ls [...]

A Non-OSX PowerBook?

My PowerBook saga continues.  I thought that I'd come up with a
pretty stable system last week: install 10.3 from the install CDs and
don't apply ANY updates.  Some of the updaters would be nice to
have, but at least with bare-bones 10.3 allowed me to do things like
boot up.  Unfortunately, last night, it decided that it didn't
like [...]

Me and My Feisty Mac

I swear, my Powerbook is the feistiest computer ever.  I just
installed the 2005-001 security update, rebooted, and Finder refuses to
run.  It just loads and crashes at about 2 second intervals,
indefinitely.  Most of my other apps work (FireFox, Dreamweaver,
etc.), but some don't (iTerm, Adium), so I don't know what's up.
Last time it got massively pissy like [...]

iTerm Rules

I long ago discovered iTerm, a slick little Terminal replacement for OSX. Among other things, it lets you have tabbed windows, just like any decent browser, which is handy for managing the swarm of SSH and MySQL sessions I usually have open. What I just noticed today was that you can tear a [...]