November 2004

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More BD Fun

I'm mentioned a couple times before that I'm working on an abstract persistance framework loosely modeled after CMP entity beans (of EJB fame). Understandably, this requires some fairly complicated CFC work, including dynamically generating new CFC files and such.
However, BD seems totally unable to handle anything but the simplest of CFC usage, and I'm [...]


Cfcoder made a good point about why some people (particularly novices) probably don't use CFQUERYPARAM, and that is that if you use CFQUERYPARAM, you can't use the CACHEDWITHIN or CACHEDAFTER attributes of the CFQUERY tag.
That being said, I don't think this is necessarily a valid point. In general, optimization should be the last thing [...]


I'm amazed at the number of problems that crop up on the mailing lists that can be solved simply by using CFQUERYPARAM rather than inlining values directly. I'm also amazed at the amount of code copy and pasted into emails regarding unrelated problems that don't use CFQUERYPARAM.
CFQUERYPARAM is your friend. Use it. [...]

The Ant Goes Marching…

Ant, for those of you who don't know, is a Java-based build system that was designed to replace 'make' for Java projects. I've been using it a lot recently to automate various repetitive tasks that I have to do. Ironically, I've yet to build any software with it.
The two most recent things I've [...]

Loosely Typed Languages

On CF-Talk today, someone asked about these two expressions:
<cfset i = 5 />
#i GT 0 AND i LT 4#
#i GT 0 LT 4#

Obviously the first one will be false (5 is not less than 4), but the second one is true! Why, you ask? Because CF is loosely typed, which means that a [...]

Counter Computer

I finally got my counter computer fully functional. The monitor still isn't hung, but it's all working now. The last step was to get a wireless card for it so I didn't have to run an Ethernet cable over from where our router is. For some stupid reason, it was cheaper to [...]

I'm Popular?

I just noticed an interesting thing. My blog is getting more traffic in than The Boisvert Life for the first time ever. I guess this means that I'll actually have to start providing real content. ; )


I've had a few questions recently about my choice of JSPs for my personal web site. Obviously I'm a ColdFusion guy, so it seems like I ought to be running ColdFusion for my personal site. I'm also an avid Fusebox user/developer, so it makes sense that I'd be using Fusebox as well. [...]