Subclipse 1.6's AWESOME New Commit Dialog

I just upgrade to Subclipse 1.6 and it has an awesome new feature: diffs right in the commit dialog.  It seemed a common use case for myself that when it came time to commit, I'd open my commit dialog and cycle through the files writing my commit message in Kate because I couldn't type while [...]

Eclipse and JUnit

I started building a little Java app this evenings.  First time I've done Java SE work in a long time, and it's kind of nice.  Not sure why I picked Java instead of Groovy, but whatever.  Probably the same reason people go home for the holidays.
In any case, being the good developer I am, after [...]

Eclipse/Ant Trick

Eclipse has very nice Ant integration, letting you rrun a build file from the context menu all over the place, either via a dialog for selecting the specific target, or using the last/default target.  What I didn't know until today, however, is that you can right click on a target in the Outline view and [...]