March 2004

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New Layout and Skin

As should be very obvious, I finally took the time to build an attractive skin/layout for my blog, rather than the handful of color tweaks to the default MovableType stylesheet that had qualified as customization until now. For whatever reason, the header and footer graphics don't look smooth, nor line up colorwise, on Windows. [...]

Site Architecture

I put together a document that explains the architecture behind this site, including some configuration snippets and a flowchart the explains how everything relates. Hopefully it will be understandable to those who haven't had first-hand experience with the guts of it.

JSPs vs. ColdFusion

Thank GOD for ColdFusion. After doing a bunch of JSP stuff, I can't imagine trying to be productive without the tools that CF provides. The less that elegant syntax of the JSTL is annoying, but it's the tight integration that I really miss. You don't really appreciate the CFMAIL tag (for example) [...]


I found a couple slight glitches with the way I integrated all my non-MovableType pages into the MovableType layouts (I'll write up how all that works at some point). The biggest offender was the lack of use of the 'blog' class on a DIV to add some margins around the page content, which pushed [...]

PasswordSafe Updated

I've just released PasswordSafe v0.3.3. The only external change is that changing a file's master key will actually work now. Previously, it would only take if you change the key, and then immediately restarted the application, but now it'll work even if you continue to use the application after changing the key.
As always, [...]

To Build a Better Terminal

I'd yet to find a terminal application with all the features I wanted. The built-in Terminal application was questionable at best, and I'd been using xterms in X11 for a while, which worked quite well. However, they had one really annoying feature: the 'delete' key didn't work when using emacs over SSH to [...]

Web Usage Stats

In addition to the raw bandwidth stats that I'd previously made available, I set up actual web usage stats as well, using the most excellent Webalizer log analysis package. The first page is a summary of the last twelve months; detailed statistics are available by clicking on the month names in the table. [...]

Locking in CFMX

There was a post on CF-Talk regarding specifics of locking, and I thought I'd create a summary (though I'm not Ben Forta, who was requested by name), along with some ideas for making the job simpler.
In CF5 and less, CFLOCK was required for shared memory access, as well as race conditions. With CFMX, CFLOCK [...]


I just got a request for my old FB3 Fusedocer tool off the FB forums. So I dredged it up from the remains of my old site at (which enom/domainzero ate), and reposted it here.


We finally got an internet connection at our house! Yay! Really quite humorous, when you think about it. Here I am, with my (and my family's) livelyhood wholy dependant on the internet and I didn't even have access to it except at my office. Oh well, all better now.