April 2006

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Computing Graph Limits

If you've ever drawn a graph (manually or with a computer), you know that you have to pick upper and lower bounds for the x and y axes based on the data points you're graphing.  Usually, this is a relatively simple matter, but, at least for me, it's proven to be a difficult problem to [...]

Prototype Patch

Prototype is JavaScript library, of a similar nature to Neuromancer, that I've been using of late.  It's got some really cool features that Neuromancer doesn't have (particularly when extended by Script.aculo.us), but it's not a complete replacement.  For example, no remoting support.  While working with it, I noticed that all POSTs were sent as urlencoded [...]

Tabbed Documents

I was doing some prototyping today, and wanted to save four individual text buffers as a tabbed document.  More specifically, I wanted to save the four buffers as a single file with four sections, and when reopened, have the four sections load into four separate buffers (tabs) in the editor.
Excel has had this feature for [...]

Neuromancer Again

While working on my CFUG preso for this month, I found another bug: dates weren't handled properly coming back from web service calls.  So I added support for them.  Patch file for js/io/RemoteObject.js below, or you can get the update and supporting test scripts from Subversion.
Index: RemoteObject.js
— RemoteObject.js (revision 10)
+++ RemoteObject.js [...]

To BlogCFC or not to BlogCFC…

Currently my blog (along with my wife's, my sister's, and my sister-in-law's), runs on a custom amalgamation of technologies: MovableType in a 'service' role, custom JSP frontend, custom CFML admin area.
As happens to nearly every small personal project that evolves over several years, the piecemeal nature of the system is starting to be a burden.  [...]

Neuromancer [Re]Addition

A while back I need to do a standard form POST via Neuromancer, so I'd added a doFormPostRequest method to the JSRemote object.  I just needed it again, and for whatever reason, it hadn't made it's way into the core distribution.  So I merged my modded sources in (I love version control ; )), and [...]

Subversion Rules!

I've been using Subversion for a while now.  Not sure exactly how long, but about a year, I'd guess.  Before that it was CVS for a number of years.  I have to say, first of all, if you're not using version control, start.  It's worth a bajillion times more than the few hours it'll take [...]