Fusebox 5 is Alive!

Sean's done a great job with the Fusebox 5 cores (as if anyone had any doubt), and released Alpha 2 to the mailing list this week.  There've been a few little issues, but nothing major, and I'm happy to say I'm now running two production apps on the new version.

Both are stock _VC FB4.1 apps, with the model (the missing 'M' in _VC) entirely encased in CFCs called directly from the controller circuits.  Except for a small compatibility bug in the cores that Sean already fixed, both apps ran without changing a single line of code.  With that kind of seamless upgrade available, the adoption rate of FB5 should be fantastic, even without the cool new stuff it brings to the table.

If you're interested in following along before the first public beta, go hit the fusebox5 Yahoo! Group, and sign up for the mailing list. 

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