Trac Patch for Mid Air Collision Bug

Trac, for those of you who don't know, is a simple but powerful project management tool that sits atop a Subversion repository and does all kinds of neat things.  Ticket tracking is on, release scheduling, an integrated wiki, and source browsing, all wrapped up in a nice package.  If you're not using Subversion, Trac is reason enough to consider switching.

It has a little issue, though.  It prevents you from submitting a comment on a ticket, if you don't have the most current state of the ticket displayed on the form.  In other words, if you open the ticket form, someone else submits a comment, and then you submit your comment, Trac will prevent it from being recorded.  In my mind, this is correct behaviour.  The problem is that when you submit your disallowed comment, the comment text disappears into the Ether, and is irrecoverable.  Certainly not ideal if you've just entered a long comment.

I recorded this bug with Edgewall (who develops Trac) a few months ago, but nothing's come of it.  Today, I went through and hacked the sources to avoid the issue, and supplied as patch as part of the ticket.  The solution isn't elegant, it just dumps the submitted form values to the screen, beneath the error message.  However, it prevents loss of data, which is the important part.

The patches are against the 0.9.5 release of Trac, so you'll want to have that version before applying them.  If you want this bug fixed for real, go leave a comment of support on the ticket.

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