JS Remoting PDX-CFUG Presentation

Last Thursday I presented at the PDX CFUG on JS remoting and composite UIs.  I've uploaded my presentation and example code as a ZIP archive, and also made it available for direct preview.

Thanks to all who attended, and my apologies for having to jet out of there in such a rush, but the whole "getting a paycheck" thing is kind of important. 

2 responses to “JS Remoting PDX-CFUG Presentation”

  1. jared chandler

    hey, could you post your backend .cfm examples which handle the requests made by the JS?

  2. Barney


    The full code is available in ZIP archive, I linked to above. If you want the full source (including Neuromancer, Script.aculo.us, and a patched Prototype), that's how to get it.