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No More Cell Phone

As of the end of the year, my cell phone will no longer work.  It was a company phone and since I'm leaving, I won't be keeping it.  If I replace it, I'll get a Portland number instead of my old Bellingham number, so my current number will stop working regardless.  However, I figure if [...]

There is no Spoon

On my last post, Matthew Lesko posted a link to another blog post in a comment.  A very interesting article, and while I've never explicitly thought of it like that, it's my preferred style of doing things.  You have to do some preplanning or you're sunk, but in general, I prefer to have a set [...]

On the Topic of System Architecture…

I've been doing a lot of system design and architecture work over the past year, and looking back, wanted to share some thoughts. A little background to start off with. The company I'm leaving in a couple weeks has a product that they've been selling since 1999, and it's showing it's age. [...]

Akismet for Spam

I've been using WordPress for a little while now, and it ships with Akismet spam blocking plugin. I was a little skeptical after all the issues I had with Movable Type's spam blocking tools, but I'm impressed with Akismet. It's not perfect, but it does a good job. I'm going to wait [...]

Barney "No Ball" Boisvert

Due to the unending courtesy of Sim, I am now known as "no ball", it seems.  I want to clarify that I do have balls (two of them, to be precise), and that they are in perfect working order.  The only change is that the sperm they produce will no longer be leaving my body.  [...]

The State of the Barney

Another year draws to a close and I thought I'd take the time to do a general update of my life for the world.
Top of mind is that I'm leaving AudienceCentral for Mentor Graphics at the end of the year. The past five years have been great, and the company has some huge potential [...]

Moving Time Again…

It's just about the turn of the year, and as you all know, that's the time of year for major life changes.  Giving myself a 20 day window around new years (from Dec 20 to Jan 10), the past six years have included these events:

The end of my swimming career
The purchase of our first house
The [...]

Software Aging

With technologists (aka "geeks"), there is often a "latest and greatest is best" mindset that pervades the psyche. I'm certainly guilty. It's worth keeping in mind that just because something is newer, more feature rich, along a defined upgrade path, etc., doesn't necessarily mean you should switch. A standout example of this [...]

Clearsilver on OSX

It's been a while since I've posted, but I've got a lot to talk about. First up is Clearsilver on OSX.
For those of you who don't know, Clearsilver is a lightweight templating engine written in C. It has bindings for a wide array of languages, including Java. Java bindings, of course, mean [...]

Scriptaculous Droppables Tweak

Scriptaculous has some fairly slick drag and drop facilities built in, though they're clearly targeted at backing some of the other features (like Sortables). I was playing today and noticed the lack of an onUnhover callback corresponding to the onHover method of a Draggable (i.e. a drop-zone). That's not needed for Sortables, but [...]