JFission 0.2rc2

JFission 0.2rc2 is out, and available for download. RC1 was intended to be the final form, minus any bug fixes, of the 0.2 release, but after testing and using RC1, two things became apparent:

  1. jf:loop needed to be a full-fledged replacement for c:forEach
  2. grouped query output is a really nice feature, even if it's not used a whole lot

As a result, the jf:loop tag in RC2 is quite different than it's RC1 counterpart. It adds support for the items, begin, end, and step attributes of c:forEach (though step was already there for index looping), as well as the ability to group iteration over recordsets by using the new groupBy attribute and multiple nested jf:loop tags.

0.2rc2 will be the final form of the 0.2 release (again minus bug fixes), regardless of any potential features that come up.

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