My FB3 Lite

I was talking to Sandy Clark back at CFUNITED about how I still use a stripped-down FB3 for a lot of projects. She said I should publicize it, so here goes. At it's heart, it's a toolset for designing something that resembles a single-circuit FB3 application, but with some of the niceties (like [...]

Software Aging

With technologists (aka "geeks"), there is often a "latest and greatest is best" mindset that pervades the psyche. I'm certainly guilty. It's worth keeping in mind that just because something is newer, more feature rich, along a defined upgrade path, etc., doesn't necessarily mean you should switch. A standout example of this [...]

Fusebox 5 is Alive!

Sean's done a great job with the Fusebox 5 cores (as if anyone had any doubt), and released Alpha 2 to the mailing list this week.  There've been a few little issues, but nothing major, and I'm happy to say I'm now running two production apps on the new version.
Both are stock _VC FB4.1 apps, [...]

Fusebox 4.1 Lexicons

I was the presenter at the Portland, OR CFUG last week, and the
topic was Fusebox 4.1.  One of the big points of interest was
custom lexicons, so I thought I'd share a couple examples here as well.
4.x is based around an XML grammar (composed of individual verbs, much
like CFML is composed of CF tags) for describing [...]

Fusedocer Updated

A long while ago, I wrote a utility called Fusedocer that parses a Fusebox 3 application and generated per-fuse documentation similar to the way JavaDoc works. It was quite useful at the time, but since I moved to Fusebox 4, I'd almost forgotten about it. Turns out people are still using it though, [...]

Architecting FB4.1

Architecting with Fusebox 4.1 is a very wide arena. There are lots of ways to do it, but I think I found one that is particularly well suited to the framework, especially when combined with CFCs for a backend. My presentation at the 2004 Fusebox Conference hinted at much of the principles, but [...]

Fusebox Moving Ahead

I'm happy to say that the Fusebox development effort is at long last using version control. Yee-Haw!! After much persuasion and a few hours of work, I've set up a CVS repository and gotten everything squared away for it's continued use. Currently, both read-only and read-write access are both restricted to specific [...]

FB & CFCs Presentation and Example code

After numerous requests, I finally got my presentation from the FB conference, along with the example code, zipped up and available for download. It should also be posted on the conference web site, but I'm not exactly sure where.

More from the Conference

While I was at the conference, I also had the opportunity to work with John Quarto von Tividar on some fundamental changes to the way the FB core files work. The mods will make the guts of the core files much simpler, make the new custom lexicon features that are being demoed in the [...]

2004 FB Conference

I went to the 2004 Fusebox Conference over the weekend, and had a good time. It was held in Rockville, MD, which is somewhere around 20 miles northwest of Washington DC. Nice to see everyone face to face again, and meet various people who I'd not met before.
I also had the privilege of [...]