Fusedocer Updated

A long while ago, I wrote a utility called Fusedocer that parses a Fusebox 3 application and generated per-fuse documentation similar to the way JavaDoc works. It was quite useful at the time, but since I moved to Fusebox 4, I'd almost forgotten about it. Turns out people are still using it though, since I got an email this morning from a guy in the Netherlands saying it didn't work on CFMX. More specifically, that it wasn't detecting any of the fuses in the circuits, so it wasn't actually generating anything. He'd also isolated the problem: I was using a filter on a cfdirectory call that CFMX wasn't handling correctly.

The filter was [a-zA-Z]{3}_*.cf*, which apparently worked on CF4.5 (what I was running when I wrote the app), but no longer works on CFMX. The fix was simple, just change it to *_*.cf*, and everything started working. I've uploaded a new version of the utility to the Fusedocer page, so you can get the CFMX-compatible version if you want it.

Update: Since my server crashed last year, the /go/ URLs have been broken, and the links above haven't worked. The ZIP file can be downloaded here.

8 responses to “Fusedocer Updated”

  1. Dick

    Can I put my hand up for a Fusebox 4.1 version of this great tool. I used it extensively in FB3 days, but had to leave it behind when I moved to FB4.x :-(

  2. Barney

    You certainly can. I had another developer contact me about taking a stab at a FB4 version a while back. I emailed him again this morning asking if anything ever came from that. If so, there might be a FB4 version available relatively quickly. Otherwise it'll happen "sometime". ;) But since there seems to be interest in a FB4 version, it's back on the list of things to do.

  3. Dick

    That's good to hear.

    With FB4.1 being XML based it should be easier. I know that's an easy thing for me to say, but I guess you'd have a different view :)

    Keep me on your mailing list for this, but of course I'll be visiting here from time to time, as I did recently in response to your posting.

  4. Barney

    Yeah, the XML-based nature of FB4 will make a lot of stuff a lot easier. And since fusedocs didn't change from FB3 to FB4 (they're still version 2), all the fusedoc parsing stuff can be reused intact, which is nice.

    The XML will also provide for a lot of other neat information to be displayed. For example, you could view information about a fuseaction that would include the fuseactions it references, and what fuses it includes. But that's for down the road. ;)

  5. Marnen Laibow-Koser

    Ask and you shall receive! I've got a rough-but-functional version of Fusedoc for FB4 working (just wrote it yesterday). It's still an FB3 app, oddly enough, but it now understands FB4 XML structures — and hopefully I didn't break the FB3 structure support. Barney, care to contact me privately regarding this?

  6. Marnen Laibow-Koser

    Ack. Of course I meant "Fusedocer for FB4″, not "Fusedoc for FB4″.

  7. Mark

    Hi! Would you please put up a working link to Fusedocer again? The current links are dead and Google doesn't show any alternative links. I have a couple of old FB3 and FB4 apps that I need to upgrade. Having fresh Fusedocs would help. Thanks!