2004 FB Conference

I went to the 2004 Fusebox Conference over the weekend, and had a good time. It was held in Rockville, MD, which is somewhere around 20 miles northwest of Washington DC. Nice to see everyone face to face again, and meet various people who I'd not met before.

I also had the privilege of speaking on FB and CFCs. It was both enlighting and enjoyable, and reconfirmed my inner desires of one day ending up as a teacher. I was somewhat nervous beforehand, not from stage fright so much as fear that the topic was hard to compress into 50 minutes. But it all turned out well. The audience seemed engaged and interested, and from the positive response afterwards, it seemed that my expectations of people were too low. I guess that's the price I pay for being eternally surrounded by idiot clients. ; )

Also at the conference, Steve Nelson, Rey Muradaz, and I decided to try and jump start the community into being formal content producers to the CF community at large. Most Fuseboxers have more than a slight fanatical bent, and many (like Steve) are absolute zealots. However, the community as a whole doesn't have a large voice in the greater CF community, other than the periodic discussions about FB (and frameworks in general) on various mailing lists.

Steve, Rey, and I committed to writing/gathering four articles each on any topic even remotely related to Fusebox, and we'll publish them over the course of next year, initially as an email newsletter, and possibly included in CFDJ. Anyone who would like to participate, please let one of us know what you'd like to write about, and get us an article as soon as you can. One to two pages is totally sufficient.

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