FB & CFCs Presentation and Example code

After numerous requests, I finally got my presentation from the FB conference, along with the example code, zipped up and available for download. It should also be posted on the conference web site, but I'm not exactly sure where.

4 responses to “FB & CFCs Presentation and Example code”

  1. johnny

    Just curious, the core files of your app here says "fusebox41." while the current version on fusebox.org says "fusebox4.". Also your core files don't have any of functions that are supposed to be in there such as fb_appendLine, fb_increaseindent(), and fb_decreaseindent(). How come?

  2. Barney

    I'm running FB4.0 in this code, not FB4.1. The 4.1 cores removed the minor version from the filename, and added the fb_ function library to ease creation of custom lexicons. There are definite reasons to use 4.1 over 4.0, but this presentation was made before 4.1 was publicly available, and I haven't updated it. Little to nothing should change, however.

  3. Paul

    Link for download doesn't work now. Please post new link.