April 2008

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My Amazon Toolkit (Thus Far)

I'm early in the move to Amazon, of course, but already some specific tools are indispensable.  I'm sure the list will grow, but here's where I'm at right now:

S3Sync – A simple rsync-like command line tool (called 's3sync') for syncing stuff from a computer to S3 or the reverse.  Also includes the 's3cmd' tool that [...]

Dummy Queries in ColdFusion 8.0.1

Brian Rinaldi posted on his blog about dummy queries in CF 8.0.1, and it struck me as a weird solution. So here's a drop-in replacement, that I think works in a more reasonable fashion, and doesn't have any dependency on an existing DSN.
<cffunction name="dummyQuery2″ access="public" output="false" returntype="query">
<cfargument name="queryData" type="struct" required="true" />

Amazon S3 URL Builder for ColdFusion

First task for my Amazon move is getting data assets (non-code-managed files) over to S3. I have a variety of types of data assets that need to move and have references updated, most of which require authentication. To make that easier, I wrote a little UDF to take care of building urls with [...]

Moving to the Amazon

I'm in the process of switching my hosting from a dedicated box at cari.net over to Amazon EC2 and S3. Based on my estimates, the costs will be slightly higher per month ($60/mo right now, $75-80/mo post move), but the benefits are significant:

Using S3 for all my backups and data storage will definitely give [...]