Ajaxian on Prototype vs JQuery

Ajaxian posted a little blurb on benchmarking Prototype and jQuery today. I've been a Prototype guy for years, but at the office we've gone from all-Prototype to all-jQuery, and performance degredation was one of the things I noticed. I never did any actual benchmarking, just went by feel, but it's interesting to see that my perceptions were well founded.

Whether performance of JS libraries should be a huge determinant in picking one to use is up for grabs. Unless the client-side is doing a hell of a lot of work, these days' computers have plenty of CPU hanging about unused.  However, in the past couple months we've spent a lot of time working around JS performance issues at the office. I can't say that using Prototype instead of jQuery would have eliminated the bottlenecks, but clearly performance matters.

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