I Sense AdSense

After the merciless hounding of Joshua, along with some of my own curiosity, I added AdSense ads to my blog this weekend.  My plan is to leave them there until the end of May, and then remove them.  I can't imagine there's even close to sufficient potential income to justify the ugly factor, but perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised.  Not holding my breath.

4 responses to “I Sense AdSense”

  1. Joshua

    There will be if I click on them every day! jk. At the very least, it will be some interesting data.

  2. Joshua Cyr

    You may want to look at adroll. I created a community there of CF related sites, so advertisers can buy into a package. And if no ads meet the minimum price, it shows your default at (adsense in your case).


    Just started it, and 4 or so sites have joined together. THus far no ads, but you never know. :-)


    I think you'll be suprised, and with your insane 8/10 page rank I suspect you are getting some good traffic.

    However, if you want results you should check out optimizing the location and color scheme of the ads. undoubtably can make or break ad clicks. Also dropping some inline ads in/on your trackback urls will be a value add.