WordPress Upgrade

Just finished upgrading to WordPress 2.5, the latest K2 nightly, and a few other plugins. All went pretty smoothly, except my custom K2 style needed some tweaks to the CSS due to some selector changes in K2's markup. They've done some nice things with the admin UI, and the new Admin Drop Down Menu makes it way better.

One thing I noticed is that the post slug is committed on the first autosave, which I don't recall being the case before. You can edit it, of course, but if enter you title, and then to edit it later, your slug isn't automatically updated anymore. The category list is also in a far less handy position beneath the editor, rather than next to it.

Overall, however, looks like good stuff. Still waiting for official Wordpress 2.5 support from K2, but certainly not holding anything up.

3 responses to “WordPress Upgrade”

  1. BuzzinH

    Hi… i have some issues with my 2.5 upgrade.. still ironing out!

    by the way is that beachy head in eastbourne? on the header?

  2. BuzzinH

    Cool! yea that is about 13 miles from where i live. Its Called Beachy Head Light House!


    I randomly stumbled across your blog whilst trying to find a way to make K2 work with Wordpress 2.5