UPDATE: Route 53 API Regression

Yesterday I posted about an apparent regression in the AWS Route 53 API, but it appears that it was a documentation issue, not an actual regression.  A member of the AWS team contacted me and confirmed that the docs for the 2010-10-01 version of the API erroneously listed the parameter names with initial caps, even though the implementation only respected lowercase parameter names (which is what the current version – 2011-05-05 – both respects and documents).

So if you followed the docs and didn't test in the wild, code built atop the 2010-10-01 API will not page correctly.  In addition to clarifying the specifics of the problem, AWS indicated the API docs for the 2010-10-01 version had been updated as well, but I pulled them down this morning and they still list initial caps on the parameter names.

In any case, lowercase names for parameters are the way to go, regardless of which version of the API you're using.

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