Tomorrow morning I hop on a plane to CFUNITED in Washington DC.  Four days of learning, chatting, getting far too little sleep, and generally being a programmer geek 24 hours a day.  Even better, Joshua and Koen (two coworkers) are coming as well.  It's been a hellish past few weeks at Mentor, and getting a [...]

My Projects Page

I've just added a simple projects page for the projects that I blog about here.  There you should be able to find a comprehensive list of projects and their updates from my blog.  It's a one-stop shop for the stuff I write.  I've often considered the best solution for managing all that, and decided simplest [...]

Excalibur Constants

Excalibur Constants

I believe I've blogged about Excalibur (an RPN calculator for Win32) before, but I just discovered the wide array of constants that it has built in:

While I can't say that I use many of those numbers in my daily calculations (which are usually either pixels or dollars), the last one is definitely useful.

Best Sign Ever

After a Day on the Edge

After a day of using my new Edge, a couple thoughts:

As expected, the distance/speed measurements are slightly low, because it assumes traveling in a straight line between checkpoints, so you lose a little bit of distance going around corners.  Compared with my "normal" computer that uses a wheel sensor, the error is about 1.5%, though [...]

Draggable Routes in Google Maps

The guys a Google have come through again.  Google Maps now lets you drag driving directions around to add custom waypoints on the route, without having to manually enter their address or lat/long.  Aside from being really neat to play with, it lets you easily map a custom route (say, for my morning commute) without [...]

Joe Says "Codpiece"

Joe Rinehart says that the codpiece is coming back. A huge proponent of genital decoration/protection, he managed to create a custom codpiece from his CFUNITED nametag. Truly an ingenious man. Next year we expect to see him sporting an authentic period 'piece.

Las Vegas WTF

Saw this on The Daily WTF / Worse Than Failure: Crashing Las Vegas.  Good ol' Windows.