I'm Going Down

And not the good kind. In an hour or so I'm shutting this server down and migrating to another. Routing issues continue, and no resolution. Hopefully I'll be offline for 15-20 minutes, but who knows. I'm going totally blind because I really don't have any other options. See you on [...]

The Saga Continues

So my routing issues to my old box are still in force.  Sporadic, inconsistent, the whole mess.  Their NetOps team seems to think it's something on my box, but I don't see how it could be my box if certain routes always work, while the offending route fails sometimes.  I've got a single NIC, a [...]

ƒµ©Ҝ You WordPress

In my WordPress MU migration, I made the delightful discovery that it will not serve on a 'www' subdomain.  Period.  It will answer, but it will never regard a 'www' subdomain as canonical, and always assume the bare domain is the right spot to serve from.
Fuck You, WordPress.
While I certainly agree that the behaviour of [...]

Routing Issues

Complex Drive is having some issues with routing traffic to my current server from certain locations. So if you can't get to my site, that's why. Seems that a relatively small portion of the internet actually passes through the offending router, so that's good. Unfortunately, Mentor is one of those locations, so [...]

Server Stories

Got a whole bunch of work done on my new box this evening.  Still lots to do, but well on my way.  Pluggable on-box backups for MySQL, pluggable S3 backups for arbitrary files, a WordPress MU skeleton, a few Tomcats, base HTTPD config, even a ColdFusion instance.  Unfortunately, the majority of my stuff runs on [...]

CSS Naked Day

It's CSS Naked Day again, at least on the East edge of Earth, but we'll soon catch up.  Strip your <BODY> for the world!  After doing it manually the last couple years, this time I'm using the excellent CSS Naked Day WordPress Plugin by Aja Lorenzo Lapus.

No More AdSense

Tonight I removed my Google AdSense ads from my blog.  I installed it last April as an experiment, intending to leave the ads up for one month.  After a month I never took them down, but the results were about what I expected: virtually zero income.  Now, a year later, I just canceled my AdSense [...]

Yay Akismet

Just looked at my stats and Akismet has killed off almost 200,000 spam comments for me. Not sure when I switched to WordPress, but in any case, that's a lot of spam I've been blissfully unaware of, and no CAPTCHA required. And for those of you who aren't regular readers, my opinion of [...]

2008 in Numbers

Here are some numbers for 2008, in ascending order:

1 – birthdays I had
106 – blogs posts on
246 – tweets (I started halfway through the year)
366 – total days
411 – "real" email conversations (excluding all mailing lists)
458 – real comments on
1,609 – Google Talk conversations
1,627 – commits to my personal Subversion repository
2,084 – hours [...]

User Stylesheets

Just used a user stylesheet for the first time yesterday for tweaking WordPress 2.7's new QuickPress widget.  The TEXTAREA for entering the body is way too short, but a simple line in my userContent.css file and it's magically fixed.  Not even remotely the use case user stylesheets were designed to handle, but it's simple and [...]