My Anal Retentiveness

I hate what stuff breaks.  I'll admit to punting on occasion, but I really do try to avoid that whenever possible.  While doing the FeedBurner stuff I went looking for site references, and found one on ColdFusion Bloggers that was quite interesting.  I'm one of the aggregated feeds, as you'd probably imagine, and have been for several years.  The interesting thing is that none of my feed information has updated since I was originally added, and it still works.

In that time, I've switched blogging engines from MovableType (two versions) to a custom CF/JSP solution (one version) to WordPress (numerous versions).  I've also done four server migrations, including a stint on a really low-end shared PHP host.  The tagline and URLs that ColdFusion Bloggers has aren't current anymore, since they all changed to their current values with the initial move to WordPress, but both the "people" URL and the feed URL are still valid, and so I keep getting aggregated.

I also still support all of the URL formats for ranking PotD, including those that were implemented in PHP on that same shared host while the actual app was running on a workstation at house with no inbound connectivity (PHP would store them locally and CF would go batch download them periodically).  While writing this post, I went and scanned my access logs to see if it mattered and actually found a couple hits to that format, even though I haven't sent out a link in that format in at least a couple years.  The only one I don't fully support uses a DynDNS domain that pointed at my home network – it works, but it gives an SSL certificate mismatch warning, and don't think it's worth the cost to get a whole new cert just for that.

I don't really have a point.  Just nice to see a concrete example of my desire to keep things compatible actually paying off.

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