FB3Lite appSearchPath Supports Mappings

Piggybacking on the change to allow mappings in do/include, you can now use mapping-relative paths in the appSearchPath initialization variable as well.  Before you had to use a relative path, which got a little hairy when you had a deeply nested structure:

<cfset appSearchPath = "../../../myApp" />
<cfinclude template="../com/barneyb/fb3lite/index.cfm" />

But now with mappings, you can simplify things, even if you're just using the webroot:

<cfset appSearchPath = "/myApp" />
<cfinclude template="/com/barneyb/fb3lite/index.cfm" />

This is exactly the same functionality I added to do/include.  The difference is that the top-level fuseaction is invoked via an internal call to do() which is based on appSearchPath instead of a circuit prefix.  But now both are equivalent again.

As always, source is available, along with the project page with current information and downloads.

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