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Amazon S3 CFC Now Supports Paged Lists

The initial implementation of the listObjects method on my Amazon S3 CFC didn't include any means for paging through records.  The default behaviour of S3 when doing a listObjects request (a GET of the bucket) is to return the first 1000 keys in alphabetical order, and then truncate the result.
There are now two more parameters [...]



If you don't know, Quadrilla is a simple modular wooden marble run.  The kids spent much of the day running marbles through a couple of the instructions-included models.  Not just one at a time either; the only thing constraining the number of marbles running at any given time was the speed which they could pick [...]

Return of the Das Keyboard

About a year and half ago I got a Das Keyboard Ultimate for work, but immediately had some major issues using it.  Fortunately, the 10-year-old keyboard it was replacing wasn't completely unusable, so I just switched back.  That keyboard finally gave up the ghost a couple weeks ago, unfortunately, so I was stuck with the [...]

A Word About Development Environments

I saw this today, and thought it hilarious:
Java, being a mainstream programming language, has attracted major software companies to pour money and human effort into it. As a consequence, a lot of good integrated development environments (IDEs) are out there. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a real programmer by using the good [...]

Medians and Quartiles

A number of years ago I build this little app called EventLog.  It's a really simple data journal: you enter a set of a tags and a timestamp (defaulting to "now"), and it saves it off to a database.  Then you can build all kinds of reports and such based on your data to help [...]

Inline JS Progress Bars

Inline JS Progress Bars

2011-05-17: A richer version is available at http://www.barneyb.com/barneyblog/2011/05/17/even-better-inline-progress-bars/.
If you've ever built a web app that does background and/or batch processing of stuff, you've invariably created a bit of markup like this:
#numberFormat(sentEmailCount, ',')# of #numberFormat(emailCount, ',')# sent…
which then renders like this:

Wouldn't it be nice to create this markup (simply with a wrapping span) instead:

#numberFormat(sentEmailCount, ',')# of [...]

Minor AmazonS3.cfc Bug Fix

Today I identified a subtle bug with the listObjects method of AmazonS3.cfc dealing with delimiters.  If you supply a prefix that ends with a trailing delimiter, certain paths would be returned partially truncated.  Removing the trailing delimiter solves the issue, so there's an easy workaround, but I've added a snippet to take care of that [...]

Scheduled Downtime This Evening

Just a heads up that the server hosting barneyb.com and all it's various offspring (PotD, EventLog, etc.) will be going down about eight this evening to replace a faulty cooling fan.  Total outage should be less than 15 minutes, and it will be a complete outage (the IPs will be dead).

On-The-Fly YUI Compressor

A couple years ago I wrote about using YUI Compressor to do built-time aggregation and compression of static assets.  That works well and good if you have a build environment, but that's not always the case.  So, still using YUI Compressor, I set up a simple script that'll do runtime aggregation and compression of assets [...]