CF Groovy Preso

Last night I talked at the PDX RIA group about using Groovy to extend CFML applications and better leverage some of the benefits that Java has to offer (in addition to the benefits Groovy itself brings).  Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties, but the presentation was recorded on Connect, and can be accessed at  I apologize for the delay in posting, I usually try to get things up immediately afterward, but just didn't happen this time.

In addition to the Connect recording, I've posted my slides (in PDF format).  The sample app I demoed is just the CF Groovy demo app available at  Within the demo app is the framework itself, including Hibernate (whose JARs are the source of the large download).  The demo app is also available online should you wish to run it without having to download anything.  Of course, there's not much to see without the code.

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