FlexChart Update

Been a long while since I've made any updates to FlexChart, and this is only a minor one, but it's potentially important.  Since it's designed to be used in JavaScript applications, data tips and click events are all processed by JavaScript (not ActionScript).  When I'd created the data tip callbacks, I'd neglected to considered the hierarchical nature of sets of series.  So I've added a 'seriesContext' array that contains the context for the series that is having it's data tip generated.  This is strictly an additive change, the existing 'seriesLabel' remains, though it is present in the 'seriesContext' array as well.

What is this good for?  I need to create a funnel chart, and while the built-in stacked-column chart is close, it computes the percentages in the data tips the wrong way.  Reimplementation was a snap with the context, just pull the relevant numbers out of the descriptor XML and do the division.

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