Per Mark:

The Rules:

  • Take a picture of yourself right now
  • Don't fix your hair, don't change your clothes, just take the picture
  • Post that picture with no editing
  • Post these instructions with the picture

I do this every day, meme or not.  See the stream, or get it as RSS.

6 responses to “Meme(me)”

  1. Ben Nadel

    Am I crazy, or did you have a shaved head at CFUnited?

  2. Ben Nadel

    Ha ha, well, I guess it keeps you warmer in the cold weather.

  3. Mark Drew

    I love the facial hair… I am trying to grow mine into a Zappa :)

  4. Matt Osbun

    There are enough horrible images available on the web- I don't think it needs pictures of me making things worse. :)