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Clickable FlexCharts

I just updated FlexChart with a 'click' callback.  You can now specify the name of a JavaScript function to be invoked when a data point on the chart is clicked.  The function is passed the ID of the chart, the series label, and the x and y values for the point, in that order.  Check [...]

CFTHREAD/Server Monitor Issue

I was working with CFTHREAD today, and found an interesting bug in ColdFusion.  I'd wager that it's within the monitoring stuff new in CF8, but I can't say that for sure.  Here's the problem:
Creating threads with CFTHREAD makes them appear in the server monitor, but they aren't removed from the server monitor when the terminate [...]


For most of the US, as is common knowledge, this weekend was Thanksgiving weekend.  For most of the "white collar" workforce, that means a four day weekend.  Which brings up an interesting question.  What color is my collar?  It certainly not a laborer, which seems to mean it's white by default, but that seems … [...]

One More Reason to Love GMail

Google released a new version of the GMail UI a couple weeks ago.  Not a whole lot different on the surface, but it's noticeably snappier overall, and has a few little improvements throughout (mute from the actions menu, contact detail popups).
I had two main gripes: it doesn't work with the [unsupported] BetterGMail Firefox plugin and [...]

Critical Bug: Schema Tool

I discovered a critical bug in my schema tool this evening. During the refactoring I did last week to allow multiple persistence mechanisms (so it doesn't require a DB) I reintroduced a bug that I had fixed in the DB-only version.
If the first minor version of a migration (major version) throws an error, it [...]

Just Say No to Materialized MySQL Views

I'm a big fan of MySQL, but I ran into an interesting performance issue this weekend regarding views. MySQL added view support in 5.0, and I've used it to great effect, but it's not all roses.
Edit (2009-04-22): I used the term "materialized view" below in a misleading way.  True materialized views are stored in [...]

More Flex Chart Goodness

This evening, I extended my Flex charting widget further.  The demo is still available, and I've posted a new ZIP archive of the source.   Here's a quick rundown of what's changed:

The custom tag is now called xmlchart.cfm, instead of just chart.cfm.  That's to make way for a different chart.cfm that provides an XML-less interface (like [...]

My Flex-based Chart Engine

I've been looking for a good charting mechanism for a few personal apps.   CFCHART works in some cases, but I usually opt for SVG, either rendered inline (i.e. SVG and XHTML interleaved in an XML doc) or rasterized into a PNG server-side via Batik.  Both solutions have their merits, but both also have a lot [...]

Schema Tool Update

I've updated my schema tool again, this time with some pretty significant changes.  Quick recap: the goal of the app is to manage your DB schema via managed code, rather than some external process, so you get transparent database upgrade to all environments as part of deploying a new version of your app.  Very handy [...]

Excalibur Constants

Excalibur Constants

I believe I've blogged about Excalibur (an RPN calculator for Win32) before, but I just discovered the wide array of constants that it has built in:

While I can't say that I use many of those numbers in my daily calculations (which are usually either pixels or dollars), the last one is definitely useful.