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Regular Expression Backreferences and the Non-Greedy Modifier

Update: James Allen caught a formatting bug. It seems WordPress doesn't like my coloring, and when present, swaps the double quotes for "smart quotes". I've removed the coloring, and it seem to be fine again.
Someone posted a question on CF-Talk about using backreferences in regular expression search strings. Not the replacement [...]

Enums and ActionScript's Static Initializers

I discovered today, while trying to synthesize an Enum type, that AS3 has the concept of a static initializer, which is awesome. In a nutshell, a static initializer is kind of like a constructor, but it's for the class object itself, not instances of the class. It gets invoked during classloading, after all [...]

It's November…

… and that means NaBloPoMo, and this counts.

Interesting ChangeWatcher Behaviour

I've been working on a Flex app for visualizing market research data for the past week or two, and ran into an interesting behaviour of ChangeWatcher, quite at odds with how I'd have expected it to work.  As everyone knows, the Flash player is single threaded (and frame based), which makes for some interesting edge [...]

E4X and Prototype Goodness

I got around to trying the E4X-based query structure this morning, and it works like a charm.  It's now possible to write your queries like this:
    update contact set
      name = :name,
      email = :email
    where id = :id
    id: new QueryParam(id, "integer"),
    name: new QueryParam(name),
    email: new QueryParam(email)
There's [...]

More Thoughts on Server-Side JS

I got a lot of great comments (along with some not-so-great ones) regarding my server-side JS implementation. As expected, quite a few people were very excited about using AS3 on the server instead of JS, and I agree. It got me thinking about how much code reuse you could get within an application. [...]

Why JavaScript (or really, ECMAScript)?

After my last post on CF and JS integration (via Rhino), I got several comments that can be summarized as "why?". I addressed the issue in a rather oblique manner in my last post; here's a more full treatment.
Before I start, I want to make incredibly clear that I'm not talking about a new [...]

The Rhino Is Coming … to fix CFML

Show of hands, how many people like CFML? Ok, how many like the ColdFusion Platform? What's the difference, you ask? CFML is a markup language that you do most CF Platform development in. You can use CFSCRIPT (which is ECMAScript-like) for certain things, but CFML is the Platform workhorse. The [...]

CF8 Structure Literal Gotcha

This one has gotten me several times.  With the new structure literal notation in CF8, you have to use equal signs between the key-value pairs.  In other places where you use key-value pairs (like passing named params to a UDF), you can use equals signs or colons, but not so with structure literals.
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I [...]

Noise Canceling Headphones

At our office, we've recently moved to a shared workspace instead of individual offices, and part of the deal was that we each got a set of noise canceling headphones (PXC 300 from Sennheiser).  I was skeptical, but figured pumping music directly into my ears coupled with the muffling effect of the actual headphones would [...]