Critical Bug: Schema Tool

I discovered a critical bug in my schema tool this evening. During the refactoring I did last week to allow multiple persistence mechanisms (so it doesn't require a DB) I reintroduced a bug that I had fixed in the DB-only version.

If the first minor version of a migration (major version) throws an error, it updates the major version counter in the persistent store without resetting the minor version to zero. As such, when you resolve the error and rerun the script, the tool believes that you've already run N minor versions of the migration, where N is the number of minor versions in the previous migration script.

If you've downloaded the tool since the 18th of November, you've got the buggy code, and need to download a freshly patched copy. Subversion is also updated, if that's your preferred source.

As a freebie, there's a new enhancement in the SQL-based migration script for supplying a custom statement delimiter.  Previously you had to use a semicolon, but now you can specify your own.  Check the comment at the top sqlbasedmigration.cfc for more details.

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