More Flex Chart Goodness

This evening, I extended my Flex charting widget further.  The demo is still available, and I've posted a new ZIP archive of the source.   Here's a quick rundown of what's changed:

  • The custom tag is now called xmlchart.cfm, instead of just chart.cfm.  That's to make way for a different chart.cfm that provides an XML-less interface (like CFCHART does) that will internally build the XML and then hand it off to xmlchart.cfm.
  • Category and DateTime axes are now supported.  The only gotcha is that you must supply a milliseconds-since-epoch value for your timestamps.  It's XML, not real objects, and the serialization/deserialization doesn't work right with native dates.
  • Pie charts are now available.
  • Legend placement is now customizable (top, bottom, left, right, none).
  • Axes can have a title set for them, and they can be positioned on either edge of the chart (top/bottom for x, left/right for y).
  • The descriptor language has changed significantly:
    • The x- and y-axis now have their own element under the chart element.
    • All series and sets are now contained with a new data element under the chart element.
    • There are only series and set elements now, and both take a type attribute for determining what type of series/set they are.  Series implicitly inherit their type from the containing set, if present, otherwise their type must be specified.

At this point, I'm pretty much done developing, and I'm on to using it.  I did one app as a proof of concept and it works great.  I'll be doing some more shortly.

And Happy Thanksgiving, at least for all you US folks.

2 responses to “More Flex Chart Goodness”

  1. bwyckoff

    Quick question:

    Which edition of CF8 are you using?

    Using developer edition to replicate this it works great – and gives us a dandy "flex charting trial" right in the middle of the chart.

    I assume Standard edition will not have this? Or is any other software/step/license necessray to get this to render without a watermark?