Excalibur – RPN Calulator for Windows

I've been using Galculator on Linux for a long while now, and I miss it when I'm at work on Windows.  It's not a particularly amazing piece of software, but it is simple, reliable, and easy to use.  So today I went looking for a Windows-compatible RPN calculator, and after trying a few different things that Google turned up, I found Excalibur.  It's a little less polished than Galculator, but it's far more feature rich.  Most important it's an RPN calculator that runs on Windows, and doesn't have any barriers to entry like some of the other alternatives had (like not picking up every keystroke or not having a stack view).

2 responses to “Excalibur – RPN Calulator for Windows”

  1. Dodo

    Excalibur, eh? Appropriate don't ya think??

  2. Marlon

    I love that piece of software. I grew up on RPN calculators ever since my brother brought home the HP-55 and we programmed the lunar lander game on it. I've also figured out that if you work in an insurance office (like I do), an RPN calculator never seems to disappear from your desk :)

    But yes, that software is great when I don't have my 48G nearby.