Speed vs. Cadence Chart

Just deployed a new Speed vs. Cadence chart on gpsRacr.com.  The chart is rather tangential to the ongoing development of the site (as rendering it cleanly requires significant manual babying of the data, both during recording and for selecting what to present), so it probably won't get updated again.  But it was a good exercise for getting familiar with the data and demonstrating that there's a solid base to work from.

For the most part, the assumptions I've made thus far are pretty sound it would seem.  The precision of the curves is ridiculously good.  The raw data has gone through a couple transformations before rendering, and the "still linear" nature (and the match up with data I observed externally while riding) indicates that my transformations aren't polluting the data to a significant degree.

I've got three more hours of "all by myself" this evening and what to do… what to do….

2 responses to “Speed vs. Cadence Chart”

  1. Ben Nadel

    Hey Barney, when I hit HOME page link on the site, I get this:

    missing Fuse – You tried to include a fuse udflib_layouts.cfm in circuit c which does not exist (from fuseaction c.init).