July 2007

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Schema Tool Update

I've just released a new version of my Schema Tool that won me a Wii. The major feature is SQL-based migration scripts, so you don't have to build big nasty CFSWITCH statements if you don't want to. To accommodate that, I've refactored the migration hierarchy, and deprecated BaseMigration. There is a new [...]

More Bicycle Dashboard Updates

I just pushed a couple usability tweaks to the bicycle dashboard app.  First, the profile you're viewing is now persisted in a cookie, as well as session, when you return to the app, you'll still be viewing the same thing, even if your session expired.  Before you'd always revert back to me, and while I'm [...]

The Delete is Done

I'm here at the Portland AIRBus tour, and just checked the status of my server.  7.2 GB of class files in the `/WEB-INF/cfclasses` directory.  Wow.  But they're all gone now, and things should stay good this time.

Unexpected Downtime

Had some unexpected downtime this afternoon.  ColdFusion's class file cache had completely filled the partition it resided on, locking up the box.   Deleting of all the files is still underway, but I've disabled the file-based cache so it doesn't happen again.  Everything is back up and running, albeit slowly as the system is churning away [...]

Flash 9.0.48 for Linux

Adobe has released Flash Player 9.0.48 for Linux, and my bicycle dashboard seems to work now, which is good news, since that app was undoubtedly not the only one affected.  If you're on Linux, go get it! LustPage

Public SVN Access

To this point I've kept all my personal projects in a private SVN repository, but Joe wanted access to the source of my bicycle dashboard, so I opened it up to anonymous read access at https://ssl.barneyb.com/svn/barneyb/bicycle_dashboard/.  I'll probably end up opening a few other projects as well (like my award winning schema tool, which has [...]


I went golfing this morning with Joshua (a blogless coworker) at the Lake Oswego City Course.  It's an 18-hole par-3 course, and pretty nice.  Holes were from 75 to 180 yards, averaging around 150, and I played pretty well.  Handful of pars, a couple double bogies, and the rest bogies.  I figure if I play [...]

More Bicycle Dashboard Updates

I just pushed some new updates to the bicycle dashboard, including multiuser support and the ability to store a map URL for routes.  Currently the multiuser support is limited to just having an account, and if it's public, for other people to view your ride information.  I'm planning to add groups of some sort to [...]

Draggable Routes in Google Maps

The guys a Google have come through again.  Google Maps now lets you drag driving directions around to add custom waypoints on the route, without having to manually enter their address or lat/long.  Aside from being really neat to play with, it lets you easily map a custom route (say, for my morning commute) without [...]

Bicycle Dashboard Update

I made some mods to my bicycle reporting dashboard last night and just pushed them live.  Highlights include being able to break down the charts by bike, route, or day of week, legends to support showing multiple series, control over the chart baseline (zero or autodetect), and formatting of the "elapsed time" axis labels.
Now that [...]